Teacher Resignation Letter for Another Job

Teacher Resignation Letter for Another Job: A Complete Guide

There are loads of better opportunities out there for any excellent teacher. If you happen to be one of them, chances are you have already scored one that is better than your current job. Now, this makes quitting your current employment an immediate step towards your goal. This also means submitting a teacher resignation letter for another job is a must in order to formally leave your soon to be, former place of employment. Keeping the tone of your letter as appreciative, positive, and complimentary is highly advisable to keep a positive relationship amongst your employer.

There are certain steps that you don’t necessarily have to take but is preferable when preparing a resignation letter. Speak to your supervisor first about your decision to leave to give the school a heads up on your departure from the institution. Follow up with your resignation letter that is to be sent to your employer and your HR department for evaluation and compilation.

Give them at least two weeks notice before you leave in order for them to get ready to adjust and find a replacement for your job. You simply don’t have to go into too much detail in your letter. Keeping your letter brief is the best way to make your letter more professional. Stay positive in case you have to ask for a favor in the form of a recommendation from your former employer. Express your utmost gratitude for the experience that you’ve garnered, and keep the details you give about your new job to a minimum to avoid conflict. Lastly, offer your services during the adjustment period like training your new replacement to do things that you used to do.

Here’s a sample format of a teacher’s resignation letter for a new job:

Maribeth Winkel
71 Pilgrim Avenue
Chevy Chase, CT 06074
June 5, 2018

Mr. Armand Upshur
School Principal
South Windsor University
70 Bowman St.
South Windsor, CT 06074

Dear Mr. Armand Upshur,

This is my formal letter to inform you of my resignation as a Social Studies professor in this fine institution. I have received an opportunity to work with another company that suits my interests best, and I have made a decision to take their offer. Despite having great experiences with your school, I think this job will do me well.

I am eternally grateful for the experience of teaching in your institution, and I will definitely miss all of the wonderful things that I have grown accustomed to do here. This experience has helped me grow and has gained me the best people to have a bond with. I cannot thank you enough for the opportunities that you have entrusted me with. I hope that whoever replaces me will be able to do better in helping your institution.

I also hope for your support and understanding, and I wish you the very best. If I can be of any assistance in the last weeks of my stay, I will gladly take my time to help.


(Your Signature)
Maribeth Winkel

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