Simple Resignation Letter Sample for Personal Reasons

Delivering a letter of resignation to your current boss or employer is when you are making your planned job change official.

As you sign and return a job offer letter, the next thing that you will be anticipating is a confirmation letter that says it was received. By the time it arrives, that is the perfect time for you to compose or put together a simple resignation letter.

These days, more and more people are opting for letters of resignation that are less formal. The most common practice nowadays is it to have a formal conversation with the employer. During this meeting, the personal reasons are explained. Sending a brief e-mail is done by the end of the meeting as written confirmation for the resignation.

There are also times when a resignation letter is not involved.

This leaves such a bad impression. If you want to be remembered by your work ethics, you must always submit a formal resignation letter to your employer.

We understand that writing a letter of resignation for personal reasons is hard. Writing down what you are feeling or translating your emotions into words can be a challenge. This is especially true if you have already developed a sense of belongingness in the company you are leaving.

Upon the delivery of your resignation letter, it is likely that your manager or someone from the HR department will call you to discuss the specifics of your resignation:

1. “When is the last day you plan to work?”
2. “What kinds of work have to be accomplished before the resignation takes full effect?”
3. “Can you train your replacement?”
4. “What type of work has to be handed over to the replacement?”

An employer’s standard of procedure (SOP) is to meet up with you for an exit interview. In the interview, you will be asked for candid thoughts on a variety of subjects like the company and the work environment. Anticipate questions like, “Is there any way we can make you change your mind?” Or “Will you change your mind if we raise your salary/wage?”

Simple Resignation Letter Sample for Personal Reasons

Your Name
Your Position
Your AddressDate

Name of Employer
Company Address

Dear Mr/Ms. (Name of Employer),

Please accept this resignation letter as I plan to resign from my position in the company as a (Your Position). I am leaving your wonderful company due to personal reasons. You have no cause for worry since I will give the company a bit of time to transition from my leave. My last day of work will be on (date two weeks from now).

I know there is some inconvenience that will be caused by my resignation. I sincerely apologize and I promise to do everything in my power to make sure that I leave with my duties and paperwork sorted. If you want to contact me, please email me at (Your Email) or call me at (Your Number).


Your Name and Signature

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