Short Simple Resignation Letter Sample

Short simple resignation letter sample – When you want to resign from your current job, you must directly speak with the head of the HR department or your direct manager. Even if you have notified him or her in person, you must, for formality’s sake, submit a short simple resignation letter. This could help you if you want to work for a new job because the next employer would want a certificate of previous employment. He/she might ask your previous employer about your work ethic as well. This is one of the reasons why you have to be polite when you exit a job.

Essential Tips to Remember if You Plan to Resign

You have to notify your superiors that you plan on resigning at least a month ahead of the selected date that you wish to resign. By doing this, it will ease the transition process in which the employer sets out to find a suitable replacement that will assume your work in the company.

Also, hand over everything to the new recruit as he/she needs to know about the work that you do. This includes even the little things like where the office supplies could be found.

If you have any questions about benefits and all the other things that you should turn over, you could do this in person with the head of HR or your direct manager.

In the process of resigning, you should thank your employer for giving you the opportunity to work for the organization. If you have any frustrations with anything or anyone there, it is best to keep it to yourself and thank the management anyway. You don’t want anything negative to come out from your mouth because all resignation letters and assessments most likely end up in personal files for others to read.

When you make your short simple resignation letter, remember that it has to be brief, precise, and straight to the point. Keep it simple and professional. You should write that you appreciate the time you spent working there no matter how long or brief it was. Remember that you don’t need to elaborate the reasons why you are resigning.

Make sure that you write the short simple resignation letter in business format. Put the date and include a header with the employer’s name and address. Place your name and address and don’t forget to sign it.

Proofread it to make sure you submitted a professional letter.

Send this letter to the head of the HR department and your direct manager.

Short Simple Resignation Letter Sample

[Name of recipient]
[Title of recipient]
[Name of company]
[Address of company]


[Begin your letter with positive statements]

[State you are resigning and the date you will resign]

[You can add more positive statements and more information you would care to give]

[Thank your employer or the company for the experience and opportunities you had]


[Your name with signature]

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