Sample Teacher Resignation Letter Due to Relocation

Importance of a Resignation Letter

Sample Teacher Resignation Letter Due to Relocation – Whenever circumstances call for a resignation from your current job due to the upcoming relocation you have planned, one of many things that you’d have to take care of is to notify the school or institution regarding your situation. If you are wondering how best to do so, that is by submitting a teacher resignation letter due to relocation.

Taking care of this aspect will ensure that you give correct information about your resignation, which is a must to add to your company file. Furthermore, this will facilitate a smooth transition not just for you but for your employer as well.

Format and Content – Sample Teacher Resignation Letter

The key to making a successful resignation from a teaching job is the formulation of a proper letter. To achieve this, you have to start working on the letterhead. Of course, this is the case if you have one. Then, formally greet your supervisor to let him or her know that you have a relocation planned to carry out in a couple of weeks or months.

Expect to have a conversation with your employer regarding your current workload and getting a replacement. If you already know someone who’s interested in your position, make sure you provide the details of the person to the school administration.

Also, to maintain a healthy relationship with your soon-to-be former employer, thank him or her for giving you valuable job experience. Lastly, assure the head of the department you are a part of that you have no intention of causing stress to anyone by leaving.

Sample Teacher Resignation Letter: Due to Relocation

June 5, 2017

Mrs. Ambrosia Canon
Head of HR
Far Eastern High School
829 Sunnyslope Drive
Vernon Rockville, CT 06066

Dear Mrs. Canon,

First and foremost, I want you to know that it is not easy for me to leave Far Eastern High School, where I’ve worked as an English teacher for ten years. Unfortunately, I am left with no choice since my family and I are relocating. Please note that June 19, 2017, will be when my resignation takes full effect.

Since my partner has just been assigned to a new job in New York, the entire family will be moving to the place by mid-August. The opportunity that was given to us to relocate has been what we wanted for quite some time already. It’s not just a great career step for my partner, but it is also great for me as it gives my family and me a brand new start. Please know that even as we look forward to the move, it still breaks my heart to leave as I have always enjoyed my job here in your institution.

Far Eastern High School has been a special part of my life. It even seems unreal leaving it. I already see you and all the people in our community as family. By hiring me as one of your teachers, you have given me a favor that I will never forget and be always thankful for.

I wish you good luck, and please let me know if you need help transitioning from my leave.

Many thanks,

Tim Yap

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