Sample Goodbye Letter to Colleagues and Boss

What to Say in a Goodbye Letters to Colleagues and Bosses When Leaving a Job

We have an unstable economy, which means jobs are changing faster than ever. Before you know it, you are finding yourself trying to compose a letter to bid farewell to your coworkers. Believe us, when you attempt to make one for yourself, you will find it terribly hard to look for the right words to say.
But, don’t fret! We have the answer for you. Down below are two farewell letters that you can use as a guide in making your own version. Check them out. You can also use one of the two and just change the variables to fit your exact situation.

How to Write Resignation Letter

Sample Goodbye Letters to Colleagues and Bosses


Hello all,I wish to bid you all goodbye and inform you of my resignation. Tomorrow will be my last day on the job.

I’ve enjoyed the time that I’ve spent with all of you. I will forever be appreciative of the fact that I was given the wonderful opportunity to work here and to meet everyone.

From the time that I have worked here, every single one of you has provided me encouragement, guidance, and support. I have only been able to do all my duties because of your help. The projects that were offered to me also gained me certain knowledge that can help me further advance my career. For these and for everything else, I thank all of you.

I hope everyone will stay in contact and send me updates from time to time. The new position that I just took will bring forth brand new challenges, but will add valuable experience to my profession and career.

I wish the company and everyone in it a successful and prosperous future.

Get in touch by sending me an email at (Your E-mail Address). You can also call or text me at (Your Number).

Best regards,

Your Name


Dear All,After quite a long time of making memories here at (Name of Company), I am bidding farewell for the reason that I need to pursue another career opportunity that has been a dream of mine for a very long time. As I make this exciting change, I’d like to thank everyone for giving me such a fun experience working for the organization. I am truly happy that I got to know each and every single one of you. This new challenge that I will take on will help me grow as a person and professional, but it still breaks my heart to leave the company.

Please stay in touch if you want. I will leave my contact details at the end of the letter.

Best regards,

Your Name

My Personal Contacts:

Your E-mail Address
Your Mobile Number

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