Resignation Letter for Teachers: Due to Personal Reasons

Resignation Letter for Teachers: Due to Personal Reasons

An Overview on Resignation Letter For Teachers Due to Personal Reasons

Resignation letters are very important whenever you decide to move on from your job. Resigning from a teaching job can be because of a variety of reasons. Usually, personal matters are what drive employees to quit their existing jobs. For reasons that are personal, a personal resignation letter for teachers due to personal reasons is the appropriate one to make for the situation. Sharing the actual information of why you chose to resign is optional. All personal explanations can be discussed with your current employer, and your letter is basically a formal document for your employee record.

Personal resignation letters for teachers can have different templates. It is very important to pass your resignation letter two weeks before you plan to leave to give your school/university a warning, some time to adjust, and for them to find a replacement.

Creating a Resignation Letter: Guidelines

When starting a resignation letter, keeping it simple is the way to go. There is no need to get creative or to start sugar coating your words. All you have to do is state your position and the date from when you started working to the date you resigned.

Next thing you should preferably do is to thank your employer for giving you valuable work experience. You can also state some things you enjoyed about your job and all the things you learned. Always remember that leaving things on a good note will help you maintain the best impression even when you are about to resign. Lastly, you should state your readiness to help the school/university out with their transition, ensuring a smooth hand over of your duties. It will also show them your professionalism.


Name of Supervisor

School/University Name


City, State, Zip Code

Dear (Name of Immediate Supervisor),

This is my letter of resignation which I hope you kindly accept as my formal declaration of my resignation from my position as (your position) with (school/university’s name). My last workday will be (date of your last workday–two weeks from the date you submit your letter).

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work for you in this school/university for the past (amount of time you worked at the school/university). I have learned so many things during my stay with you, and I greatly appreciate the opportunities that I’ve had (your favorite responsibilities), all of which are very useful for my future endeavors. It may break my heart, but I have to resign because of my current health condition.

In my last two weeks, I will do everything possible to help the school have a smooth transition by training other team members. If there are other things I can do for you during the transition phase, please keep me informed.

I wish you great success, and I hope we stay in touch in the future.

(Your Name)

As always, feel free to adjust and change the format based on your experience and your preference. Then, submit it through the appropriate representatives in your school/university. It may sit in the depths for your HR department for eternity, but one thing is for sure: your boss will read it in the future and will be impressed. It will be a good idea for the future, should you decide to return to the school/university, to have an excellent and well-written resignation letter as its last page.

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