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Are you looking for a sample resignation letter that you can use as your guide in creating your own written communication? We have exactly what you are looking for! Reasons for resigning vary from beating a boss who’s about to fire you to relocation and new job prospects. Whatever your reason may be, you can definitely use our resignation letter template.

Faculty Resignation Letter Template

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Dear (Name of Dean),

I wrote this letter to formally inform you of my resignation, which we have already discussed a week ago. I will be leaving my position as (Your Position) in (Name of School). As discussed and in accordance to your request, I will leave by the end of this semester. My husband was offered a position at an institution based away from the city, which led me to resign from my current job.

I will relocate with him and join the faculty in one of the nearby community colleges. Kindly consider this is as my formal letter of resignation.

I am excited for the opportunities that are waiting for me not just personally but also professionally. Regardless of this, I will miss all the memories I have created in this institution as well as the people in it. I am fortunate for I was given the chance to work with lovely people including you and my colleagues. As for my students, I have learned so much about life in general even when I am the teacher. The students in this institution are brilliant and talented.

I appreciate all the support you’ve offered me through the years as well. The encouragement you’ve given me through difficult times will never be forgotten. In the time of the school’s transition, I will do my best to help in any way I can.

For the attention that you have given for this matter and for being a great leader of the department, I thank you. I wish more success to you and to the school. I’ll remain in touch.

Yours Truly,

Your Name

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