Download Resignation Letter Sample for Dental Hygienists

Simple Resignation Letter Sample for Dental Hygienists – Myriads of employees create letters of resignation because they’ve found better jobs that deliver the exact environment they’re interested in. These jobs may also pay a higher salary. Oftentimes, money is the number one reason why workers flee the situation they are currently in. If you find yourself wanting to move on from your current employment, use the resignation letter template that we’ve prepared for you below. You can use the entire template or make it your inspiration in creating your very own version.

Resignation Letter Sample for Dental Hygienists

Dear (Name of Head),

I would like to let you know that this letter serves as my resignation from (Name of Dental Office) as its (Your Position). My resignation that I hereby tender will take effect in two weeks. I did not foresee this event, but my husband got transferred to another city in the country. The entire family will transfer together this (Date of Leave).

This is the best time for me to tell you that I am truly thankful for making my practice enjoyable. In my time here, I have made lots of friends and I am sure to stay in touch even when I will be miles away. I am still uncertain pertaining to this upcoming change, but the prospect of relocating to a different city is exciting. There’s also a need for me to leave as I can’t stay here and be away from my family.

Despite the changes that will come in the following days, I would still ensure that I leave the next weeks open for you and the clinic. If you need someone to train my replacement, I would gladly volunteer. Tomorrow morning, I am scheduled to discuss the final paperwork with your office manager as I want to ensure that loose ends are all tied up before my resignation takes effect.

My mobile number, (Your Mobile Number), will remain open until (Date). Contact me through e-mail, (Your E-mail Address), if you wish to reach me after the date mentioned previously.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

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